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I'm hosting a Soup for the Soul event because I support Beyond Five Head Neck Cancer that help those with head neck cancer. I had a benign aggressive tumor in the jaw that resulted in a large section of my jaw removed and reconstructed with my hip bone and muscle. I am nearly 5 years post op and I am finally in a place where I feel I can give back. Beyond Five wasn't around 5 years ago and they have valued accurate resources that would help someone in my position and worse, with cancer.

Join me on Sunday 26th of July for a virtual get together of Soup for the Soul.

I will be looking to do some other events during the soup for the soul week.

You can create your own group or join mine.

Please donate and join me for a nice cup of soup, a chat and a laugh.

My Updates

16 Jul 2020

We had our first virtual soup for the soul with mum, elaine and nancy. Thank you ladies.
Here is whats happening:
26 July Virtual Soup for the Soul with family and friends.
27 July Lunch soup at Townsville Police Station for my colleagues
With donations from Coles and woolworths to make it possible
27 July NeuRA virtual Soup for the Soul presentation with CEO Nadia Rosin, ambassador Marty Doyle, myself all having a chat. this will be a great educational presentation that we will record

Serena LYNCH has 21 supporters