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How fit?

how fit?

  • You need to be a regular cyclist.
  •  You don’t need to be a competitive cyclist.
  •  You want to be challenged. 104.8km and 1747m of climb.*

This is NOT a race. We aim for a pace that allows for conversation and banter.

You should be regularly riding at least twice a fortnight to twice a week. 30-60km at a time with some climb. If you are at the minimum then ramping up before RideBeyondFive will ensure that you enjoy the challenge. If required there will be A and B pelotons.

The event average speed on-bike is 24 km/h which is easily achievable for a generally fit regular amateur cyclist. Other than on hills, you can sit-on in the peloton and let the muscle riders do the work.

* There is the option to skip the National Park section of the ride, and join for the Bald Hill loop for a total ride of 43.7km with a 825m climb.

If you have any questions about the ride please don’t hesitate to contact Trevor:

Mobile: 0409 883114 

Email: trevor@retrievalmedicine.com.au

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