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Pop-Up Virtual Christmas Choir

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Choir entries have now closed! 
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Raising our voices

Inspired by the laryngectomy Shout at Cancer Choir in the United Kingdom, Head and Neck Cancer Australia (HANCA) will be hosting a Head and Neck Cancer Pop-Up Virtual Choir in OCTOBER 2021

The Pop-Up Choir will be supported by an experienced choir conductor and sound technician. We also have the guidance of a senior speech pathologist with extensive experience working with head and neck cancer patients, including people who have had a laryngectomy.

The final song will be widely distributed to our community, Members of Parliament, the general public and key stakeholders to:

1) Help raise awareness of head and neck cancer. 

2) Advocate on behalf of all people living with head and neck cancer across Australia for Government funding to support head and neck cancer prevention and patient care, in line with more common cancers.

Interested to learn more? See our Frequently Asked Questions below.
Who can join?

Anyone who is part of the head and neck cancer community is welcome to join - whether you’re a head and neck cancer patient, former patient, have a loved one with head and neck cancer. or are a member of the health care community caring for people with head and neck cancer. NO experience needed and it's FREE!

Do I have to be able to sing?

No! You can also join by holding up a sign, clapping, dancing or playing an instrument. If you would like to participate but have any concerns or questions about being involved please let us know on the form below and we can arrange a time to discuss further.  

What do I need to prepare?

You don't need to prepare anything. We will provide the lyrics and instructions on everything you need to know in early October.

Will there be a practice session?

Yes! We will be hosting an OPTIONAL online workshop from 4.30pm - 5.30pm (AEST) on Wednesday, 13 October

The workshop will teach you how to sing / perform the part you'd like to submit. You'll also receive instructions on how to record your part and where to submit your recording. If you can't join the workshop we will provide all the instructions you need and a link to the workshop recording.

What will the final video look like?

Once we receive everyone's submissions we will edit together your videos into one glorious virtual choir! 

Take a look at this song performed by the Scrub Choir and coordinated by Music Therapist, Dr Emma O'Brien, at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to see what a virtual choir looks like. 

What song will the Choir perform?

In keeping with our Pop-Up Choir Christmas theme, we have chosen the Christmas carol, Deck the Halls. This carol has been chosen with the input of our experienced choir conductor and speech pathologist to make it as accessible as possible to everybody who would like to join and because it is well-known. 

When will the song be launched?

The final recording will be launched in early December.

Why join?

Every year in Australia over 5,100 people will be diagnosed with a type of head and neck cancer and approximately 17,000 people are living with the side effects of treatment. 

HANCA is working hard to achieve better outcomes and improved quality of life for all people living with head and neck cancer in Australia. Unlike other more common cancers, there is currently no funding from the Australian Government to support head and neck cancer prevention and patient care.

Join us in 'raising our voices' to help increase awareness about head and neck cancer and advocate for dedicated funding for head and neck cancer prevention and patient care.