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When someone is diagnosed with head and neck cancer, information is key. Please help us continue to support the 5,000 people newly diagnosed with head and neck cancer each year. 

Every person counts. $25 helps one person. A regular gift of $25 each month will help 12 people every year.

Nicole lives on the Gold Coast with her husband Don and their three daughters. In 2016 after Don was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Cancer, Nicole said:

"As Don’s advocate and carer, I took on the responsibility of processing the large volume of information about diagnosis, preparation for treatment, side effects and rehabilitation ... I witnessed first-hand how access to information can remove some of the uncertainties and fill voids with hope.”

When you sign up as a monthly supporter, or make your donation today, you can be confident that you will be helping to ensure HANCA's free resources are available online and in hospitals across Australia to support people when they need it most. Thank you for your support.

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