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Why fundraise?

There are more than 17,000 people living in Australia with head and neck cancer and over 5,100 people are newly diagnosed with head and neck cancer each year. 

Head and neck cancer affects a person’s identity unlike any other cancer. While many people survive the disease, the cancer can strip away a person’s voice, distort the face and rob the basic abilities to eat, drink and swallow.

Will you help us ensure Head and Neck Cancer Australia resources reach newly diagnosed patients and carers when they need it most? At a cost of $25 per person, we need to raise $125,000 each year to develop, update and distribute our free resources to over 60 hospitals across Australia.

Head and Neck Cancer Australia relies on public donations and corporate partnerships to fund our activities.

Your donation helps us provide education and support to everyone affected by Head and Neck Cancer in communities right across Australia, making life for families experiencing Head and Neck Cancer that little bit easier.

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