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Head and Neck Cancer Choir Instructions

Thank you for registering to join our Head and Neck Cancer Pop-Up Virtual Choir singing Deck the Halls! 

We've had a fabulous response to our choir with a diverse range of people joining from across the head and neck cancer community including people who are currently receiving treatment, people who have finished treatment, family members, friends and healthcare professionals. 

We are really looking forward to working with everyone to create a very special Christmas song. Thank you for sharing our enthusiasm and helping to raise awareness of head and neck cancer.et_CMSForm:head-and-neck-cancer-choir-online-workshop]


Click here to watch the Choir Workshop hosted by Darina, our choir conductor. 


Video Tutorials

Our Choir Conductor has arranged four different parts. Please choose ONE part that you would like to perform. You will need to download the file for your part to help submit your recording.


These are the visuals for people who will be doing Part 3 or Part 4.  

Sheet Music 

* Tip: Please don't worry about the Sheet music if you don't know how to read music :) 

Signs to hold up

Here are some signs you're welcome to download to hold up during the song or feel free to make your own! Download Signs here

How to record your video

Download our easy-to-follow instructions for how to record your video.

Download instructions 

Submit your recording here 


  • Please record yourself from your shoulders up, rather than your full body.
  • Don’t worry if your part is not perfect. Once we receive the submissions all the parts will be mixed together. At no point will anybody be able to hear your individual part.  
  • DRESS CODE: There is no dress code but we would encourage people wear a plain colour i.e. no patterns. Red, White or Green would be great and you're welcome to add some Christmas accessories!
  • Please use your name to save your recording file e.g. Sam Smith
  • The final song will be released in early December.

If you have any questions please let us know

Thank you!

Submit your recording here