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Soup for the Soul 2021

Soup for the Soul will be held from 20-27 July 2021. Registrations will open in early June. 
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Soup for the Soul is the only event of its kind in Australia raising awareness and vital funds to support people affected by head and neck cancer.

The idea is simple, just get your family, friends, colleagues or community together over a bowl of soup. By sharing a bowl of soup we hope to nurture everyone affected by head and neck cancer and the people who care for them.


Food is one of the most fundamental ways we have to nurture our loved ones.

Soup is a favourite source of comfort food for people from all different ages and cultures. It’s a great winter warmer, easy to prepare, nourishing for the body and warming for the soul.

For people who have been treated for head and neck cancer, however, the humble bowl of soup is so much more. Soup is often a lifeline, helping people to survive in the days, weeks and months following treatment when eating and swallowing can be so difficult.