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Soup for the Soul 2022

Soup for the Soul 2022

12:01AM - 11:59PM Wednesday 20th July - Wednesday 31st August 2022
Registrations for this event are now closed.
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2022 marks the fifth year of Head and Neck Cancer Australia's signature event - Soup for the Soul!

Coinciding with World Head and Neck Cancer Day on 27 July, Soup for the Soul is the only community event of its kind in Australia raising awareness and vital funds to support people affected by Head and Neck Cancer.  

The official dates are 20-27 July but you can host an event anytime that suits you in July or August.

It's your Soup for the Soul event so you can also host it any way you like! You can host it at home with friends and family, at work, a local club or park, or virtually. 

Whatever type of Soup for the Soul event you host, the shared experience of enjoying a bowl of soup and talking about Head and Neck Cancer in your local community will make a difference by helping to raise awareness of the different types of Head and Neck Cancer, symptoms to look out for and get checked, and the impact Head and Neck Cancer has on people's lives cross Australia.

People impacted by Head and Neck Cancer need your support now, more than ever. 
So register today, and host your Soup for the Soul your way! 



Register today to receive your FREE host kit  including bunting, compostable soup cups, balloons, posters and a Soup for the Soul apron just for you!

For the first time this year you can also purchase a Head and Neck Cancer Australia Fundraising Kit for $25.00 to help with raising funds. The kit includes a Head and Neck Cancer Australia display box with 10 pens, 10 mint tins and 20 ribbons for your supporters to purchase at your Soup for the Soul event. 

To view all HANCA merchandise visit our online store.

Raise $500 or more and you'll be in the draw for a chance to win a 7.5L Tefal pressure cooker. Valued at $400 rrp, this has kindly been donated by Appliances Online.

There are 5,100 people newly diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer every year and more than 17,000 people living with the side effects of the treatment, which can stay with a person forever.

There are no screening tests for Head and Neck Cancer. Awareness, education and early detection is key to improving patient outcomes and saving lives.


Food is one of the most fundamental ways we have to nurture our loved ones.

For people who have been treated for Head and Neck Cancer, a humble bowl of soup is often a lifeline, helping people to survive in the days, weeks and months following treatment when eating and swallowing can be so difficult.

Soup is a favourite source of comfort food for people from all different ages and cultures. It’s a great winter warmer, easy to prepare, nourishing for the body and warming for the soul.